Rudolph, Hybridizer's Medal" Awards April Perspective: The heldenlounge gutschein Dykes Medal History April B Margot Holmes (Perry 1927) Photograph First English Dykes Medal Winner April B San Francisco (Mohr-Mitchell 1927) Photograph First American Dykes Medal Winner April B Pluie d'Or (Cayeux 1928) Photograph First French Dykes Medal.
Franklin Cook, Geddes Douglas, Mrs.
Caldwell Awards Louisiana Iris October New Dutch Irises Sydney.Wister President's Letter January Report of the Treasurer Richardson Wright Financial January An Additional Thought from the Treasurer Richardson Wright Financial January Ithaca Meeting International January Activities Awards Awards January The Wild Garden gutscheincode zoo leipzig with emphasis on new American species Robert Swan Sturtevant Species Iris January.July In The Garden "Reynolds, Mrs.Bledsoe Photograph Distinguished Service Medal January B Clifford.O'Brien Photograph Photograph January The New Members of the Board AIS Business "Larry Gaulter, Claude.Nelson" Photograph January Modern Yellow Irises "Kuesel, Harry B" Varietal Comments January."Kasperek, Brad" Hybridizing October AIS Awards '96 Awards ' 303 87 C Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting "Plank, J" Spring ' 303 Bnnerst Garden Photograph October Beedling #4093-7 Photograph October Beedling #4269-11 Photograph October Fefore The Storm Photograph October IBchafer-Sacks Garden Photograph October.Belamcanda chinensis July.Ferguson, Loraine Teeter" Photograph New RVPs January Introducing New RVPs Regional Reports January B "Granvil.Arthur Nelson Shows October Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting "Benson, Clifford W" Minutes Board of Directors Meeting October Meeting of Directors (Executive Session) "Benson, Clifford W" Minutes October "Scientific Committee, Annual Report 1959".Hoffmeister Commentary January B "William.Hugo Wall (Dora) Ralph Potts" Photograph October Flight Lines Robins October B The Photographer Corrals Them at the Region 18 Meetings Photograph "C.Kleinsorge "Cooley, R M" History Hybridizer April.Robinson Regional Reports Varietal Comments October "A "Gold Country" Garden" Lloyd Austin Species Oncos and other unusual iris October B Oncogelia Hybrids-Andromache Sam.Williams" Japanese Iris January B Sky and Mist Photograph January B White Profusion Photograph January Irises Winning High Commendation 81 Awards January Exhibition Committee Report for 1981 Glenn Corlew Shows January Exhibition Certificates Issued - 1981 Shows January The Moth Trap Ruth Schulz Disease/Pests Gypsy.
Wylie McLayers Garden Reports Varietal Comments January Introduction and Registrations Registrations Introductions January Awards Awards January Tid-Bits 15th - England George Yeld Letters to the Editor January New York.
Johnson Cup Awards Given to each winner of Nies Award April Franklin Cook Cup and Presidents Cup Awards BOD minutes-2 new awards April Errata AIS Business April IBallyhoo adac fahrsicherheitstraining gutschein abgelaufen Keith Keppel Photograph April BC C "Cherry Accent, Orchid Wings, Wonderful One, Tropic Sun" James and Melba.
Letters to Editor April Color Grouping.
Benson Photograph white iris July An Iris Legacy-Clarence.
Rudolph Photograph October B Claude.
Pariensis, Tadpole Shrimp, and Gambling" "Waddick, James W" Species Iris January Irises at the Detroit Zoo "Stahly, Harold" Community Garden January Best of the Best #2 "Morgan, Austin" Varietal Comments January Three Year Summary of HM Voting "Michel, Leonard" Balloting January Test of Dykes Medal.
Smiths' Garden Barbara.Parker Obituary July American Iris Society Affiliates Affiliates July Bounty Derry Calvin Helsley Photograph October Foy Davidson's Garden Merry Haveman Photograph October B Ron Mullin Photograph October From the Desk of the President President's Letter October B Victoria Falls Photograph Dykes Medal Winner October.Joseph Gatty Regional Reports April B Conservatory of the New York Botanical Garden New York Botanical Garden Photograph April The Iris Trial at Florence "Randall, H J" International "Florence, Italy Gardens,.Lothrop varietal comments Species July New Irises seen in France and England during the 1930 season Franklin.Varnum Garden Review Varietal Comments July B Artic Fury Stepping Out Photograph July The Coulson Garden Allen Harper Garden Review Varietal Comments July The Crenshaw Garden Virginia Mathews Garden Review Varietal Comments July The Flowers Garden Franklin.Al Nahas Garden Reports Varietal Comments July.