Nowadays, its not rare to have parents start the process in the middle of the pregnancy.
Wir handeln gemeinnützig und wirtschaftlich.Jeder Mitarbeiter ist ein Teil des Ganzen.As foreigners away from home, we cannot rely on the help of close relatives like grand-parents.Thanks and we hope to see you again at Expath soon!Babysitters Not a lot of people know this but if you are registered with the Jugendamt, you can ask for a babysitter to be paid while you are looking for a Kita.Für einen Kita-Platz, sie haben Ihren Kita-Gutschein erhalten und fragen sich, wie es jetzt weitergeht?The ways of the expat life are often convoluted.Getting a Kita Gutschein in Berlin: What is a Kita Gutschein It is basically a pass provided by the city that states how much childcare your kid will get at a Kita.They often also have different opening times.
Making the situation change This situation sucks, there are just enough kita spots in Berlin.
Although, considering the dire situation, i have found that many Kitas dont have this requirement.
Some Kitas wont accept you on the waiting list unless you have one already.
This accounts for the all too common 2 years waiting time.
How early you ask?
Prepare yourself to a hard-ride.The demand is increasing while the offer is not following, also because its hard to find Erziehern (caretakers) to take care of the kids.There is also a high demand for that.Beware though: for a lot of people, this is the next best option after getting a Kita spot in Berlin.Its then operated through an association toom rabatt aktion (Verein) managed gutscheincode ravensburger spieleland 2018 by the parents themselves.

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Wenn Sie dies wünschen, unterstützt Sie bei der Suche nach einem freien Platz auch Ihr örtliches Jugendamt.